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The Pollution Control Board has
been established as a regulatory authority for implementing variious pollution control laws. The board is committed to provide polloution free environment to the people of state. The Board has undertaken various studies of underground water, solil and air to take remedial steps to control pollution.

   Hazardous Wastes

The Hazardous Wastes generating units in the state includes mainly Cement Plants, Iron and Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Aluminum Plant, Power Plants, Waste Processing Units, Mine Workshops & Wire Drawing Units. The hazardous Wastes generated from these units are mainly used/waste oil, oil sludge, cathode residues, tar residue, lead & zincash/slag/dross, sulphur sludge. Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board has completed the inventorzation of hazardous wastes generating unit as per Hazardous Wastes (Management & Handling) Rules, 1989 (as amended on 2003).Total 144 nos. of units are generating hazardous wastes in the state. Board has granted authorization to these units for collection, reception, treatment, transport, storage and disposal. etc.